Roc Box, revisited

Red= FIlament heaters on, Green = ready to rock (B+ voltage switched on)

The Roc box died, went to heaven and came back as a Guytronix Gilmore Junior tube amp!

Roc Box & friend

The Roc Box was originally built to house a Fender Mustang 1 amp (8″ speaker) along with a battery, an inverter and a charger, which explains its’ size.

With its’ Aviary wire grill and CDX plywood construction, the Roc Box doesn’t have the elegance that is usually associated with Boutique amps, but it has it’s own aesthetic, and it’s plenty bomb proof, being fully glued, screwed and tattooed.

It’s roughly an 18 inch cube but it’s a little deeper and a little wider; had to do some shoe-horning to fit in the 16 ohm, 12″ WGS ET-65 and still have enough room around the amp for heat dispersion. The two-watt mod needs extra height clearance because it’s so tall. The speaker is mounted with several degrees of tilt-back for better sound dispersion.

Gilmore Jr. amp and WGS ETS-65 speaker

Funky? Yes, but I like to think of it as a mini-version of one of those monster JBL cabinets. The bass response is very strong, in fact I usually play it with the lid cracked a little to get a better mix of highs. Although it’s acceptable, the WGS ETS-65 has a tendency to breakup badly at pretty low volume when it gets too much muted bass from neck PU on the Tele. Will be replaced, sooner or later, see below…)

This rig has produced some impressive sounds so far. Made me realize I never owned or used a decent amp before – ever. And that’s a lot of wasted years!  One day, I’d like to pair the amp up with something like a Weber or  Tone Tubby.

The big, flat lid is a great feature, lots of room for effect pedals and instruction materials. It’s not awfully portable though, best moved with a two-wheel dolly.

I’ll probably put together a sleeker combo unit later on, but for now, this rocks, and the price was right!

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